Reserve our Unattended Selfie Station for less. Starting at $450 for 2 Hours.
Features of our Selfie Station
These are just some of the features available from our Selfie Station.
  • Includes delivery and pickup within the Washington DC Metro Area
  • Full day rental available
  • GIF & Boomerang
  • Still photos
  • Share instantly to email, phone and upload
  • Online gallery
  • Overlay design
  • Virtual props
  • Small footprints

Selfie Station in Action

Here are some of our
Selfie Station
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much space is required for the Selfie Station?

    Our Selfie Station has a 2’x2′ footprints.  We normally recommend around 5’x5′ and up in order for a small group to enjoy it.

  • Do you need a power source?

    Yes, we need a standard 110v with 3 prong outlet to operate the Selfie Station.  We can also operate using power packs for additional cost. 

  • Can you print with the Selfie Station?

    The Selfie Station is typically used to share digital still and animated images. However, if you want to use it for still photos and would like to receive hard copies, we can print all or some of your photos for a minimal fee.

  • Do you provide a backdrop with the Selfie Station?

    Typically, we do not provide a backdrop with the Selfie Station because of its portability and small footprints. Use your imagination on where to point it and sometimes the best shots are taken from unexpected occurrences.  If your heart is set on a backdrop*, we can provide one with a stand for a minimal fee.

    *Requires 8′ X 8′ space to accommodate the backdrop. 

  • Does it come with props?

    We do not provide physical props with the Selfie Station but rather it comes with digital props (i.e. hats, mustache, signs) that we are sure you and your guests will adore.

  • Can you design animated overlays?

    Yes, as you can see on some of our samples we can design animated overlays for an additional fee.  Price varies on difficulties, please contact us for more information.

  • Does the Selfie Station require internet connection?

    Internet connection is not required, images will be placed on queue until the Selfie Station connects to a WiFi. 

  • Can you do custom virtual props?

    Yes, we can include 1 virtual prop for free if you provide the required image in transparent (.png or .psd) format.  Additional virtual props is $20/each.  

Here are some of our
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