Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide customized backgrounds and layouts?

We will design and create overlays or backgrounds for you.  We will email you a draft design then you let us know if it fits your specifications.  We can even use an actual photo or a caricature of the celebrant into the design as long as you can provide us the electronic high quality image. The cost of the custom background varies and you get to keep it after the event.  We will provide the background stand at no additional cost. Contact us for additional details and cost.  

Can I extend the length of my rental?

Yes, we charge a standard fee of $150.00 for every additional hour from your purchased package.  However, we encourage you to book this in advance as we might have an event after yours and might not be able to accommodate your request.

How many photos can one take?

All our packages included multi-prints (1-4″x6″ or 2-2″x6″). Everyone in the photo gets a printed copy. 

What is the quality of the prints?

Our photo booths are equipped with dye sublimation photo printer on a 4″x6″ size print, DSLR camera and lighting used for professional photography to ensure that you always get good quality photos.

How do I reserve your services for my event?

Fill out our online contact form and provide us much information regarding your event. One of our staff will respond to you with a copy of the rental agreement and/or answer any question you/we might have.

Do I get electronic copy of all the photos of my event

Digital Download – We will provide you a link to download all the photos including both photo booth photos and individual photos of each picture taken. Link provided 2-3 days from the event. 

USB Flash Drive – Included with Premium Package only. We will provide a Flash drive of all the photos taken in your event. This includes both photo booth photos and individual photos of each picture taken. This will be given to you before we leave the event.

Online – Photos will be made available from our Online Gallery and can be set with a password.

Facebook – Upon request, photos can be made available from the Instant Photo Box fan page where you can directly tag your guests.

How many can fit in the photo booth?

Our open air photo booth can fit as much as 15 people and the enclosed photo booth can fit up to 8-10.

Can my guest email their photos from the photo booth?

Yes but requires our Social Sharing station add-on.

Can my guest post their photos on Social Media?

Yes but requires our Social Sharing Station add-on.  Guests can email and send the photos to their phone and post to any social media sites. 

Do you bring the photo booth and leave?

No for our regular photo booths. Our standard photo booth services include an attendant (or two) and operate the equipment.

Yes for our unattended Selfie Stations.

Where can you setup your photo booth and how much space do you require?

Our photo booth can be setup almost anywhere.  We only require that there be nearby 3 prong power outlet and about 10’x10′ of unobstructed space.  Please note, the bigger the space the more people can fit in the picture.  For *outdoor event, we will bring a tent to house our equipment.

*Due to weather and logistical difficulty, outdoor event are subject to weather condition and will require additional cost. Contact us for more details.

Do you offer scrapbook package?

scrapbook_demoYes.  We can bring the supplies (scrapbook, inserts, glue, and colored pens) and double prints per session.  1 print goes to your guest and 1 is layed out on the scrapbook where your guest can sign and write their message.

See our pricing for details.

How it works
Our attendant will guide your guests to the photo scrapbook table, glue their photo strip onto the scrapbook page and invite your friends and family to write a personal note of congratulations next to it. By the end of the event your scrapbook will be filled with everyone’s photos and wishes — providing a wonderful instant keepsake of your celebration.


What type of photo booth do you have?

We have an “Open Air” style photo booth.

Open Air
Our open air booth is fun and inviting. Because of its compact size, it can be set up virtually anywhere. This open and friendly atmosphere allows your guests to be creative with their pictures. Because there are no booth size limitations, wheelchair accessible and the number of people in one photo can accommodate more than an enclosed photo booth.

Enclosed photo booth is available as an add-on upon request.